Bubba and Carroll O’Connor

June 12, 2008

 Does Paula Deen’s brother Bubba remind you a little bit of Archie Bunker ? (Carroll O’Connor). Not personality wise (because I obviously don’t know Bubba personally), but looks wise. His recipe for sour cream pork chops is in the May/June 2008 Cooking With Paula Deen issue and his picture caught my eye right away. I only dream of having the time, energy or kitchen space to make half the recipes in here because so many of them look so damn good. If anyone tries making those little mini lime cheesecakes or the tequila lime sauce, do tell me how it turns out. I need to cook more adventurously ! But not tonight. Tonight we are having McDonald’s. I know, I suck.

If you don’t know who Paula Deen is and you enjoy cooking, pick up an issue of her magazine. Yum is the only way I can describe it.

There is also a great article about her life on the website that is pretty good. (and nothing like you’d expect !)


Anyhow, the picture of Bubba in the magazine looks much more like Carroll O’Connor but I found this one online.

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