My greedy hillbilly neighbor and freecycle

June 16, 2008

 I live in a small community in Wisconsin. My next door neighbor runs our local freecycle chapter. If you do not know what freecycle is, it is a group that promotes waste reduction to keep items out of landfills. In other words, when you are done with something, (furniture,puzzles,yard equipment,dishes, etc.) instead of throwing it away, you offer it to someone on freecycle. It’s a great program that has grown to over 4,500 groups with more than 5.3 million members ! So yeah…it’s a pretty big deal.

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Anyway, back to my point. My next door neighbor runs our local chapter of freecycle. This position is a volunteer position as freecycle is completely non-profit. In our neck of the woods, this is not a hard job. Not many people post out here in the sticks simply because there are not very many people where I live. We do, however get some folks from surrounding cities that post in ours. Her job is to basically approve posts on the freecycle message board for our community. The club rules and all that are sent out yeah, all she does is approve (or deny) posts.

And I have a complaint.

She is loading up on free stuff and not letting posts get to the list. Basically, local people (or people in surrounding communities) come to our message board and try to post things they have available. She snatches everything up before the post ever gets posted ! You should see the absolutely beautiful couch she got this week from someone on freecycle. (She got her previous couch from freecycle too only a few months ago). Yesterday she got a nice playset for her kids. (With swings, slide, etc.) Her husband is always complaining to us that he has to run around to get another one of his wife’s freecycle finds.

I am really ticked off about this. The only person benefitting from freecycle in our community is her ! The only posts that ever make it to our list are “wanted” type posts where people are looking for something specific. And even all of those don’t go through. About two weeks ago, I sent a wanted message to the group looking for packing peanuts. People usually just throw these away and I use them to pack boxes all of the time for my business. (To ship orders). For some reason, it never made it to the list. She either still has it sitting in her box from two weeks ago or she denied it completely. (I did not receive a denial notice). Yet I know she is reading her mail because she is snagging everything up.

She doesn’t even use all of the stuff she snags. She has tables and piles of stuff out in her front yard that she is going to “refinish”. Her damn yard looks like a hillbilly junkyard. The last playset she got (oh yes she has several that she got from freecycle) is hideous. It is in good shape and all of that, but she started to repaint it. I don’t know if she got lazy or what, but she half painted the thing hunter green. Yes, only half. I would have said she must have ran out of paint but one of the tables in her front yard (that has been getting soaked by the tremendous amounts of rainfall we have gotten in the past few weeks) is also painted halfway as well in this same hunter green color. (several months after she “started” painting the first playset).

I think this kind of defeats the purpose of the group. Especially now that our area has been ravaged by floods and practically our entire state has been declared a disaster area due to flooding. (Including our county !) Some people have lost every worldy possession they have ! I really think there are people that may appreciate a new couch or playset because they have lost theirs in the floods.

A big huge fat thumbs down to my greedy neighbor with a million couches and playsets ! Another thumbs down because her hillbilly yard makes all the rest of us look bad.

Jeers. Jeers. Jeers. Boo ! Hiss ! (sticks out tongue !)

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One Response to “My greedy hillbilly neighbor and freecycle”

  1. Katkitkat Says:
    July 23rd, 2008 at 4:01 pm

    I am from the Uk and we also have freecycle here, regarding your greedy neighbour - that must be really annoying for you, esp as you say since all the flooding etc, I would have to find a way of getting her booted from her position, voluntary or not, tho thats probably why she volunteered in the first place? Good luck.