What I am hating about Nashville Star

June 18, 2008

 Even with Nashville Star switching to NBC this year…I just don’t know. I had hoped that with the show moving to one of the big boy networks would have helped them find a little bit better talent. Ummmm, not so much.

Maybe I have been exposed to far too much American Idol, but half the people on Nashville Star just don’t sound appealing to me at all. And I love country music. I definitely do not see any Faith’s, Tim’s, Rebas, Garths, Georges or Alan’s in this group at all.

And these groups they have on here this year…just….yuck ! Jeffrey Steele made it no secret that he did not want to work with the groups. Smart boy. But for the sake of the show he could have acted like he was a little excited. :)

Pearl Heart- The girlie posing as the lead singer needs to be a bit more aggressive. What’s the deal ? I imagine in my head what the conversation between the three girls sounds like when they exit the stage. I envision lots of crying. Crying that one is trying to take over when they had always been equals in the group. The girl the judges are telling to step up and be the lead singer starts crying saying she loves her sisters and doesn’t want to do anything to hurt their feelings and not hurting their feelings is far more important than the gazillions of albums they could sell if they pulled the act together and won.

Laurie and Sophie.. Laura and Sophie…whatever the heck their names are. Two kiddos singing off-key lullabyes to one another is not my idea of good music. It’s just way too sticky sweet for me. Like gooey-cavity tooth pain kind of sweet.

We do not need another SheDaisy here. We just don’t.

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2 Responses to “What I am hating about Nashville Star”

  1. Eve Says:
    June 19th, 2008 at 11:26 am

    Why should Jeffrey Steele have ACTED like he was a little excited to get the groups, after he’d specifically said he didn’t want ‘em? - you’d rather he’d ACT being Jeffrey Steele than BE Jeffrey Steele? You don’t want a reality show, you’d prefer another SCRIPTED ‘reality’ show instead?!

    I agree with you that these girl-groups are not up to par and i’m disappointed by whatever filtering process the NBC staff used to sift out the ones who actually auditioned. You could tell during the audition process that all the judges were disappointed by the lackluster level of talent auditioning for them; they practically spelled that out after the first hour by breaking off the auditions and going out to give their ‘pep talk’ to the waiting throng!! THAT should’ve been a clear signal to the NBC staff to step it up. My understanding is that they chose the best of the bunch, but that bunch was pre-screened by amateurs (obviously - judging by the results; as you point out, hardly even ONE star-in-the-making among them).

  2. Admin Says:
    June 19th, 2008 at 11:51 am

    The comment about Jeffrey Steele was meant to be sarcastic..haha ! Great comment Eve !