Come on suppliers, step it up !

June 19, 2008

One of my suppliers is really, really irking me. It is the supplier I use for silver aluminum screw caps. I refuse to name the company here because I refuse to send any free traffic their way. Bitches.

My complete order for these caps weighs under 1 lb.

I am being charged a UPS rate for…get this… 21 POUNDS !!!!

These caps are not heavy, the box is not even large must less oversized. I am not ordering the damn caps from out of the country. I just don’t get it. They are making a haul on what they charge their customers for shipping.

I complained and they told me maybe I should order elsewhere. Wow ! That totally didn’t make me feel ike a valued customer.

And I have tried. Believe me. But this is the only place that has these caps that fit.

So if any suppliers have 20/400 or 24/410 screw on lined aluminum caps, give me a holler. I will need a sample of each cap to ensure that it fits my bottles. (As the 20/400 from my current supplier fits my bottles but the 20/400 from a different supplier does not fit…weird huh ?)

A big huge fat jeers and thumbs down to that gouging supplier down in SC !!!

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