What I love about Nashville Star so far

June 19, 2008

I love Jewel as a judge. She is very honest with the contestants and she is not afraid to argue with the other judges. I think she gives excellent advice to the contestants.

I love that they had Trace Adkins on this weeks episode. I love that little cocky half-mouthed grin he does. And OMG did you see his package ? (Did I just say that ?) Bad me !

I love that someone gave Melissa Lawson a chance. Her making it on the show made me realize that many people that are “over” weight are “over” looked based on size alone. It is rare that I see any show with heavier people on it. She has a beautiful voice and she dances just like I do when I am dancing around the house. I can identify with her and hope she does well.

I love the fact that Tommy did “Save A Horse”. I didn’t particularly like his performance, nor am I really nuts about him, but I like the fact that he really pushed the envelope here. It was a brave move. (and a smart one…John Rich loves nothing more than to have his ego stroked !)

I think Gabe has a great voice ! Now if he can just overcome his “personality of a flea” problem.

I love the fact that Third Town is gone ! Yuck ! America got that one right !

I love Billy Ray Cyrus ! I know he struggles a bit at hosting shows, but he tries so damn hard and is still so damn cute !

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