I was a naughty, naughty girl yesterday !

June 20, 2008

I am still so agitated with my gouging supplier and despite a long search on the net yesterday, have not found a suitable replacement supplier. Feeling increasingly troubled by the whole mess (I am such a damn troublemaker !) I decided to pursue this a little bit.

So I e-mailed the gougers using my husbands name and asked them if they profit on shipping to their customers or if they charge handling fees. I told them that I urgently needed to place an order but that I had “heard” that they overcharge on shipping and I wanted to make sure I would not be overcharged. I wrote it signing hubbys name instead of my own because I had e-mailed them previously and they told me that perhaps I should find another supplier. We have a super common last name.

The guy e-mailed back and said that if I was concerned about being overcharged that I should put a note in the shopping cart comments section asking them to weigh my packed box and to charge appropriate shipping.

SAY WHAT !?!?!?!?!?! Isn’t that what you should do anyhow ? How stupid. Why do I have to ask to be charged an appropriate shipping fee ? Should that extra step really be required ? I ship anywhere between 10 and 40 packages PER DAY and I always charge appropriate shipping without them having to ask me for it !

Ok, so I add the caps to my shopping cart, figure out the actual total weight of the caps, (I am a rocket scientist brainiac nerd ya know !) added a whole pound to my total, increased the dimensions of the package by a few inches (I know what size box they come in from previous orders), etc. and called UPS with the information for a rate quote. I was very generous to THEIR benefit on my calculations.

They quoted me a rate of $11.71 from SC to WI.

So I placed the stupid order and made note in the shopping cart that I wished to have my packed box weighed and to be charged an appropriate shipping fee.

I was a little nervous because in their cart it was showing a shipping fee of nearly $25 !!!

So I submitted the order with bated breath. I then e-mailed the guy back and told him that I had already called UPS and got a quote of $11.71. I understand that there maybe “handling” charges so I told them that if they charge me over $15 for shipping and handling, I wanted to cancel the order entirely.

So then I had to go down to Madison for a post-op follow-up for my son. So I was gone for several hours. When I returned home, there was a message on my voicemail. It said, “have a little faith in us and trust that we will not overcharge you for shipping nor do we make a profit from our customers shipping costs!” It went on to talk about how UPS raises their rates everyday…blah, blah, blah. But then he said something really funny.

He said UPS quoted him $12.02 to ship the package, that there was a $3.50 “handling fee” and that my total shipping was going to be $15.60. By the way this should add up to $15.52…where did the extra 8 cents go ?)

ANYHOO…. this is the best part. Remember I told him that if shipping was over $15 that I wanted to cancel the order completely ? Well we are now sitting at $15.60. The last time I checked $15.60 was greater than $15.00. This girly didn’t fail math pal ! So he says on my voicemail…we went ahead and charged your card. If this wasn’t ok with you, call us within 30 minutes.

WHAT ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Well obviously I wasn’t home and didn’t get the message until after they were closed so I couldn’t call back.

I am mad that they were going to charge me almost $25 to ship this. I can deal with the variance between my quote of $11.71 and theirs of $12.02. It is only a mere 31 cents but I want it known that I was VERY generous in the calculations on this package. I even included packing material weight for crying out loud. But ok whatever…31 cents is not a big deal. But then what happened to the other 8 cents ? Ok, so now ya got me for 39 cents more and a handling charge of $3.50 too. Plus I had to send a flurry of e-mails to get a rate I should have been charged at to begin with.

Now I suppose being overcharged by $3.89 is better than being overcharged by $10- but still- every cent they overcharge me adds more to my product costs. I don’t want to have to crank up prices for my customers because of silliness and greed of other suppliers.

Sheesh…take a lesson Mr. rotten gouging company from SC- treat customers right. I treat mine right. And they aren’t writing crappy things about ME on the internet. :)

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