Nashville Star-Why do I watch this damn show ?

June 24, 2008

Why oh why do I watch this show ? In all honesty, I have never really liked it. As a country music fan and having owned a country music radio station, I feel almost as if I am obligated to watch it. I am almost always disappointed in the talent. At the end of every episode I am asking myself why on earth I wasted my time. Last nights show was no exception.

If you have not yet seen the episode that aired June 23rd, stop reading now or I will spoil everything for you.

I hate, hate, HATE the groups. Neither of these groups is ever going to get a record deal. Perhaps they are “cutesy” enough to entertain a bunch of drunk people at the podunk county fair, but come on now. Enough already.

Pearl Heart- I thought Courtney was supposed to step to the front. Instead she is crammed in the middle of the twin sisters. Literally crammed. Ugh ! They are reminded each week by the judges that Courtney needs to step up. Last night, as they aired the clip of them exiting the stage after last weeks performance, the twins were saying how much they were going to support Coutney as a lead singer. Um, yeah right. What happened ?

Laura & Sophie- Goodbye. These two sound like I did when I was 9. My friends and I would do a little performance in front of my mom or grandma and my mom would be so proud. Grandma would brag to all her friends at the factory that I was soooo talented. My husband and I argued over which of the two was a better singer. I said Laura was even though I didn’t like how she cut her phrases short in order to blend in the harmony. My husband said Sophie was the better singer. Maybe. They just sound too sweet and little girl like together. Yes, they have pretty good harmony, but there is just no room for this kind of duo on the radio in my opinion. It is too hokey. Their dresses were hokey too.

Moving on to the single contestants…..

Alyson- I thought she did ok last night, but in the video package, when John Rich was telling her to “rock it out” I think I would have rather seen that then the conservative approach she took to it. That girl has some beautiful eyes….and an ugly dress.

Ashlee- This girl reminds me tons of Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift is insanely popular at the moment and I think Ashlee will do well if she keeps adding her own little personality to her performances. Some of the runs she did with her voice last night really made her stand out and offer something of interest.

Melissa- I am still really liking this one. She has a beautiful voice. I also still love the fact that she doesn’t look like every other female in the business. She is a heavyset woman and I think she looks fabulous and …well…REAL. I was a little disappointed to hear her say she is trying to lose weight. Apparently the “biz” is working on her “image” already.

Coffey- <sigh> I liked the beatboxing. I hate when he yells the lyrics out ahead of time as if we are going to join in. I never like his choice of music and every guitar he uses dwarfs in comparison to his giant cowboy body. I do like that after his performance, he explained why he yells out the lyrics. He said that sometimes the older generation may not know the song and that he is tyring to bridge the age gap and help even those who don’t know the song to have a good time. I thought that was interesting…and commendable. The performance. Ehh. He cuts off his phrases and is not particularly on pitch.

Justin- What the HELL was that ? Fake country twang was what that was. That kind of crappy fake overdone twang is why people make fun of country music sometimes. And boy…he was going to show the judges that he was *not* too sweet as they have said before….by singing “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” ? Are you kidding me ? This guy is a model and an actor and honestly looked like he didn’t really care about the competition at all. It was just another addition to his resume. He got the boot last night and with damn good reason !

Tommy- Go home already. He hasn’t performed well since he left the boat in my opinion. He is too “clean cut” for me. He picks songs that are a little on the rockin’ side, but looks too boy next door-ish to seem authentic.

Shawn- I thought she did ok. She wasn’t a particularly good dancer, but has potential. She looked slightly uncomfortable but I think she could do better if she worked at it. I thought it was brilliant for her to dance as it shows the judges (and future labels and promoters) that she can be molded a little and that she can do more than just stand at the microphone looking straight ahead. (umm…Ashlee). She picked a winning song too…. how can anyone NOT improve that song ? :) I loved that she got strong and her voice rose up when she sang the “bye, bye, bye” part.

Gabe- He’s got a voice but still needs to bring out even more personality. In fact, if he brought out a LOT more personality he would probably kick some ass. He looks scared. Come on Gabe- quit being a chicken shit and add some of that hot mexican spice to your performance. You don’t need to be Ricky Martin- just give it a little bit more “oomph !”

The Judges-

Not too much to say about them this week. Jeffrey looked like an idiot eating his paper. Especially since the guy he ate it for was eliminated. I was happy to see John Rich’s ego had shrunk a little this week and Jewel- I love this girl ! She offers sound advice and is very honest. I think she treats contestants compassionately but honestly and truly wants to help them to succeed…for the love of music.

And Billy…good ole Billy Ray. Hot looking. Loved the earring. But sounds pathetic reading the teleprompter.

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