Allegiance For Sale !

January 27, 2010

Chris Clonts of the Pioneer Press writes…..

“Pickle4200″ has had it up to here with being a Vikings fan.

Now the Elk River eBay user is doing something about it- auctioning off his team allegiance on the auction site.

Writing in the item description that he has been a “die hard Vikings fan” all his life, he can’t take it anymore after Sunday’s brutal overtime loss to the New Orleans Saints.

“The Vikings have a way of building your excitment to a peak and then crushing your spirit, ripping out your heart and stomping on it. I can’t take it anymore…The Gary Anderson miss field goal, 41-0, and now 12 men in the huddle followed with an interception… I AM DONE! Please help!”

Pickle says the winning bid gets to choose the NFL team he’ll be a fan of.

At last peek, the highest bid on the item was $11.

Edit: The bid is currently up to $76. I for one would make him a Packers fan. :)

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