Tough Love Scrub

March 3, 2011

I have personally worked with Stevonne of BeijaFloresNaturals and have tried several of her products- all of which I have been nothing but pleased with.  I especially loved the licorice root scalp elixir and the 4 butter blend of her Amazon anti-oxidant treatment ! So when I saw her latest product offering,  I just had to feature it here as the worthy first entry into the new fragrance blog.

Here is the description of the Tough Love Scrub….

Skip the trip to the spa. Our honey butter scrub is a weekly all over treatment full of moisturizing honey and healing natural butters. A detoxifying raw sugar base makes this perfect for anyone who wants to get down to serious exfoliating business. Can also be used to pamper feet and rough areas of the skin (elbows, knees etc).The lasting moisture and lightly sweet scent will have you wishing you could fast forward to the next scrub day.

Tough Love Honey Scrub

Benefits of Raw Honey:
Contains mild alpha hydroxy acids that increase elasticity, balance out oily skin and stimulate collagen production. Honey can reverse damage caused by free radicals, and is an excellent humectant.

Offered for $12 in her etsy shop. For more natural bodycare items, you can also visit her website.

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