Art Deco Inspired Swarovski Beaded Watch

February 11, 2010

This elegant and unique watch, offered for $60 by MulryJewels  is made from swarovski 4mm and 8mm crystal beads, coated freshwater pearls, and swarovski and silver-plated findings. I can not wear one without being stopped for compliments. This is also a popular gift order. It is really a stunner.


Beaded Watch

The amazing thing is in the actual watch face. It has what is called a Japanese Citizens movement, which means that the insides are made of metal and not plastic like many “craft watches” that break after a few months. I looked high and low and found a brand that I really like and I KNOW will work. The batteries are also guaranteed for 18 months before you need to replace.


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Captain Phil Harris Dead at 53

February 10, 2010

ANCHORAGE, Alaska – Phil Harris, the fishing boat captain whose adventures off the Alaska coast were captured on the television show “Deadliest Catch”", has died, the Discovery Channel said Tuesday night. He was 53.

Harris suffered what his family described as a massive stroke on Jan. 29 while the fishing vessel he captained,  Cornelia Marie, was in port at St. Paul Island, Alaska. The fisherman was flown to Anchorage for surgery.

The reality show, which has filmed five seasons, has been one of the Discovery Channel’s most popular and depicts the crab fishing industry in the dangerous waters off Alaska.

“It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to our dad - Captain Phil Harris. Dad has always been a fighter and continued to be until the end,” sons Josh and Jake Harris said in a statement released by the network. “For us and the crew, he was someone who never backed down.”

In a statement, Discovery Channel senior vice president Elizabeth Hillman says, “Phil was a devoted father and loyal friend to all who knew him.”

“We will miss his straightforward honesty, wicked sense of humor and enormous heart,” she said.

In an e-mail to The Associated Press, she said no additional information was immediately available Tuesday night.

Harris had seemed to be improving, and in a posting last Saturday on the ship’s Web site, he was described as “talking to friends and family today; showing his greatest progress” since the stroke.

His sons wrote in a Feb. 3 posting that “No one ever said Captain Phil Harris wasn’t tough. Today, dad showed some good signs of improvement, squeezing our hands and even summoning his trademark Captain’s bluntness … We are encouraged but still very cautious.”

Captain Phil Harris

According to the ship’s Web site, Harris started working on fishing boats at age 7 and started work 10 years later on a crab boat. When Harris turned 21, he ran a fishing vessel out of Seattle, making him one of the youngest to captain a vessel in the Bering Sea.

When Harris suffered the stroke, the family said a friend, Derek Ray, had flown to St. Paul to take over the role of relief skipper for the rest of the opilio crab season.

Harris’ fishing vessel was based in Seattle.

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Precious Knitted Baby Cardigan

February 10, 2010

Eleanor began knitting over 40 years ago and for many years supplied hand made Aran Sweaters to Blarney Woollen Mills. Today Eleanor knits for pleasure and in particular loves creating little knits for babies and toddlers!

This Pink hand knit baby cardigan, offered for $30 by Eleanor of IrishWoolen features delicate buttons and small rosettes on front. Made from beautiful soft wool which is 100% acrylic and 30 degree machine washable.  Made to fit 12 months +

Baby Cardigan

Baby Cardigan Closeup

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Ultra Long Ebony Industry Necklace

February 9, 2010

This necklace offered for $38.50 by ValerieTyler combines two worlds. Large, gorgeous dark tiger ebony wood squares have been linked together. They hang asymmetrically on thick, industrial size and strength gunmetal chain. It’s both earthy natural and a little bit modern metal at the same time.

It fits right over your head and can be adjusted to hang evenly at the bottom of asymmetrically on either side.

Ebony Industry Necklace

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Imagine the party going on down here….

February 8, 2010

With the Saints winning Superbowl 44 last night- how much life do you think is dancing through the streets of the french quarter in New Orleans ? I happened along this beautiful painting of the french quarter this morning and I thought it really captured that New Orleans feel.

Blue Balcony Watercolor Painting

This is an ORIGINAL 5×7 watercolor and acrylic painting offered for $35 by AshtonAtelier.

The acrylics gave it a slight sheen that shows in the light at certain angles. This landscape will look great in an 8×10 frame with a 5×7 mat. It comes unframed and unmatted on 8×10 paper.

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I saw this on a church sign…

February 7, 2010

Never giving anyone consequences populates the world with fools.

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Ladies Brimmed Beanie

February 4, 2010

I ran across TheOldCrow on twitter today and she introduced me to her etsy shop. Her shop was filled to the “brim” (pun intended) with beautiful crocheted hats and beanies. They are beautiful and I wanted to share my find.

Ladies Brimmed BeanieLadies Brimmed Beanie

Ladies Brimmed Hat

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Simple And Easy Ways To Put More Cash Back In Your Pocket

February 3, 2010

I am not cheap, but I do live frugally. In these tough economic times, so many of us are looking for ways to save money or to keep more of it in our pockets. Here are just a few of the ideas I personally use…

 1) Join online deals and cash back programs. My favorite is Big Crumbs. Big Crumbs allows you to shop at your favorite stores online and earn cash back on your purchases. I love the variety of stores they have. Everything from Wal-Mart to GoDaddy to K-mart. But most importantly for me, their stores to shop at include EBAY ! That is pretty unique as far as cash back programs go. Big Crumbs pays you every month. I opted to get my payments via Paypal for convenience. I have gotten paid every month for over a year now, so I know it works. :)

2) Check if your bank has a Visa cash back program. We live in a small little town and our bank has one. You basically earn “points” on every purchase you make using your credit or debit card.  I have a Visa debit card and I try to use it for everything I can. This past Christmas I redeemed my points for (2) $100 Amazon gift certificates which I used to buy an Ipod Touch.  Having the gift certificates really was a budget saver at holiday time. The Visa Rewards program has a whole slew of items you can redeem your points for. Gift certificates, electronics, items for your home and most importantly CASH. In most cases, the Visa Rewards program is absolutely free to join. Use your Visa credit or debit card to pay bills, buy gas, purchase groceries, etc. The points really do add up quickly !

3) Join Coupon Trains. A coupon train is a group of individuals that trade coupons. One person (called the conductor) starts by collecting a pile of coupons and sends it on to the first person. (Passenger #1). Passenger #1 looks through the coupons, takes what they need or want, then replenishes the train with coupons they no longer want or need. (In the amount they took from the train). They then send it on to Passenger #2. Usually there are 3-4 passengers. The last passenger receiving the train sends it back to the conductor. This is a great way to get coupons for the items you purchase regularly. And all for the price of a stamp ! I joined coupon train groups at Yahoo groups. My favorite coupon train sites include Coupon Choo-Choo and All American Coupon Train. Both are free to join.

I hope you enjoy putting dollars back into your pockets using some of these simple ideas !

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Allegiance For Sale !

January 27, 2010

Chris Clonts of the Pioneer Press writes…..

“Pickle4200″ has had it up to here with being a Vikings fan.

Now the Elk River eBay user is doing something about it- auctioning off his team allegiance on the auction site.

Writing in the item description that he has been a “die hard Vikings fan” all his life, he can’t take it anymore after Sunday’s brutal overtime loss to the New Orleans Saints.

“The Vikings have a way of building your excitment to a peak and then crushing your spirit, ripping out your heart and stomping on it. I can’t take it anymore…The Gary Anderson miss field goal, 41-0, and now 12 men in the huddle followed with an interception… I AM DONE! Please help!”

Pickle says the winning bid gets to choose the NFL team he’ll be a fan of.

At last peek, the highest bid on the item was $11.

Edit: The bid is currently up to $76. I for one would make him a Packers fan. :)

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Open Your Eyes

January 22, 2010

It’s not what you look at that matters….. It’s what you see.

-Henry David Thoreau

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